Olive Street Mercantile Soap Co. combines a passion for soapmaking, fresh skincare products and amazing olive oil.

Olive Street Mercantile Soap Co. was born out of a love for rustic utilitarian art, herbal remedies and natural skincare preparations. Founded in 2013, OSM Soap Co. blends old world craft and a new world need for healthy, useful and beautiful products.

I have always been a maker, an artist and curious learner. I take an interest in all things creative, so my soap story begins in 2008, when we moved our family to a small olive orchard and I saw some new possibilities. I began to think of what I could make with the olive oil we press from our olives, from the herbs we grew in the garden and my ever growing collection of essential oils. After some initial research, I was entranced by the process of making olive oil soap. Eventually, I began to formulate my own recipes using our olive oil and other amazing, nourishing and health enhancing ingredients.

I take my inspiration for all my products from our life giving olive grove and the beautiful mountains, forests, and streams of Northern California where I live and farm. Many of the herbs and flowers that are added for beauty and nourishment are grown in my garden. I use only the simplest, purest ingredients, because what you put on your skin matters.

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